The spatial planning of this modern residential renovation in the Toronto Beach neighbourhood is tailored for the site. South facing windows on the front façade take advantage of the park and lake views. To provide more privacy, the living room is pushed back from the street by an opening to the basement. This allows natural light to flood a traditionally dark space creating a dynamic two-storey volume in the basement. The master ensuite bathroom at the tree canopy level, enjoys a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window. It is also buffered from the street and boardwalk by the strategic position of a spacious deck.

Large commercial windows on the front and rear façades create a view corridor through the house connecting the interior and exterior. Although the floor area of the original house was maintained in this renovation, the open plan and amount of glazing increased the perception of space. Expansive panes of glass visually extend the interior space creating a sense of spaciousness and provide a warm quality of light throughout the home.