building permits

Zaxis Modern offers the following services which are essential whether you plan on building your dream home from scratch or you plan on remodelling or adding an addition to your house.


Conceptual Design/Zoning

The Conceptual Design is conceived after assessing your design requirements, budget and zoning parameters. Additional services may be required for an arborist report and application to various tree protection agencies if there are substantial trees or if the property is located within a protected area. These preliminary drawings are submitted for a zoning bylaw review.

Committee of Adjustment

If minor variances exceeding zoning bylaw parameters such as square footage, height, building setbacks, building length and depth, etc. are requested, additional services such as application drawings for and representation at the Committee of Adjustment are available. A zoning consultant can also be referred for representation at the hearing.

Building Permit                                               

When the Zoning Certificate is received further development of details occur in the Design Development phase. Structural and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) engineers will be consulted. If the structure is simple, a structural engineer is not required as Zaxis Modern is a registered designer with the MMAH (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) and holds BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) qualifications that cover the residential structural requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Building Permit drawings include further details and information such as structural and HVAC requirements and abide by the Ontario Building Code.