The Design-Build Process

With over twenty years of experience, Zaxis Modern offers an integrated solution between design and construction processes under one roof. This approach enables us to be more innovative, incorporating unconventional details and use of materials. The design-build model offers greater accountability than the traditional architect-client relationship, as we are ultimately responsible for bringing the design to fruition. This results in more effective time and cost management, without compromising the integrity of the design.

Essential steps in the design process are zoning, tree application, committee of adjustment (if required) and building permit application. For more information go to our “Building Permits” section.

Additional Design Services

In order to enhance the cohesion of the overall design, Zaxis Modern can also provide the following optional services:

  • property search consultation (lot orientation, site conditions, tree location, lot slope, zoning bylaw parameters, etc.)

  • electrical and lighting plans

  • window and door specification and schedules

  • interior and exterior finish selection

  • architectural and interior design details that are not required by the building department

  • landscape planning, plumbing and lighting fixture specification after the Building Permit stage

  • custom cabinetry

  • furniture design and fabrication

  • interior design

Construction Models 

When the design is complete, Zaxis Modern can provide a quotation to construct your new build, addition or remodel. Alternatively, Zaxis Modern can provide construction management services based on a weekly fee. In this management model quotations by sub-trades will be supplied.

Design first

In the Design-build or the Design with Construction Management model, design integrity is of the utmost importance to Zaxis Modern. A designer is always available to make design-related decisions and provide creative details as questions inevitably come up at the construction site. This is especially important in remodels where unknown site conditions can be buried within existing walls. Whether you choose the Design-build or Design with Construction Management model, Zaxis Modern will be with there for you from start to end. We strive to provide thoughtful and cost-effective design on time and within budget.